Why book at Zen Surf?

A surf camp with a positive social and environmental impact

As a surf traveller to Morocco we know how difficult it is to find the right surf camp because of the large number of camps in our area and the wide range of prices offered. At Zen Surf Morocco we work hard to always provide the best personalised service and a clean and comfortable accommodation with European standards while keeping the coolest Moroccan vibes. That makes our prices among the best value that you’ll find. Here is an explanation why.

At our level we have taken a set of commitments to reduce our environmental footprint and be socially responsible by supporting the local community and our employees. Because today more than ever before, the choice of the surf camp/resort/hotel where you will spend your holidays is of key importance to head towards a better and more sustainable future.

An environment-friendly surf camp

It’s no surprise that we live uncertain times when human development puts nature under stress, and the recent Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect example of nature’s « payback » to human activty impacting ecosystems and threatening wildlife. Here is what we do at our level for the environment:

– Being the only camp on the beach makes us particularily concerned about beach cleanliness, because our beach is our home. That’s why we regularly organise beach cleanings with local associations and kids of the village

– We have banned single-use plastic bottles by installing a reverse-osmosis machine at our surf camp, that produces 100% drinkable water that is served in glass bottles and jars. This prevents us from throwing away 50(!) plastic 5-liter bottles every week

– We use re-usable water containers that we take to the beach to provide drinking water to our thirsty surfers

– All of the organic waste that we produce is picked-up every day by a local farmer to feed his cattle and produce compost

– We use the strong Moroccan sun to produce our hot water

– We buy our fresh food every day exclusively at our local village to prepare our delicious traditional dishes. All vegetables are bought at the local Wednesday market that is litterally 2 minutes from the house (and a must-see in the area!)

– We offer a vegetarian and a vegan menu to our guests (that are very popular 😉

Supporting the local community and fair business practises

Morocco is a fast-developing country that faces many challenges, one of which is to reduce inequalities within its population, as well as the unemployment rate that is still very high. Here is how we participate:

– We deeply care about our employees and pay them higher than local standards and pay for their social security (which few companies of our size do)

– During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the country was shut down and most tourism businesses closed and dismissed most of their workers. We chose to keep them because their hard work and the quality of the service is one of the main reasons for us being a strong and reliable company

– Each year we sponsor local associations to organise surf competitions and beach cleanings

A 100% legal and transparent business

– At Zen Surf we have all legal authorisations and insurances for both accommodation and surfing. We know it sounds obvious, but it actually isn’t 😉 So you can come in total peace of mind, we’ve got you covered for everything!

– We only hire qualified surf coaches (with both a surf coach and a beach lifeguard certification) with a great deal of experience. Because our guests’ safety and satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

Our prices are all-inclusive and there is no surprise on arrival about things that you thought were included and are not. Only for those who want it, we provide an optional surf school and surf material insurance.

Cleanliness and accommodation standards

Our surf camp’s facilities and rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and our kitchen’s cooking area is sterilised every day before cooking. Our surf house was fully renovated and furnished with local handicrafts to provide you with great comfort while keeping a nice traditional Moroccan atmosphere. All this to provide you with the best of Morocco with a comfort that meets European standards.

Fair marketing practises

Unlike some other places, all our Tripadvisor are genuine from people that actually stayed at our camp. Beware of camps with 100 reviews that are all 5-star (not even a single 4-star one), half of which were posted within the first 2 weeks of the Tripadvisor page’s creation 😉

For all those reasons, we guarantee you will spend 100% stress-free and relaxing holidays. We take care of everything so that you have only one thing in your mind : enjoy 😉

Please send us an inquiry and we will respond quickly with our best custom-made offer !