Zen Surf Morocco : our Yoga classes

Stay Zen, Тамаrа заставляет вас открыть для себя йогу в Morocco

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About Yoga

Yoga helps you to balance and control your body and mind, and renew your energies. The yoga asanas (exercices) were developed and perfected for centuries in India to work out all the muscles, glands and nerves of the body. These exercises help you stay in great physical condition and make you strong and flexible, and protect your body from diseases. Yoga reduces fatigue and calms the nerves and the mind. In addition to the asanas we control and tranquilize our breathing to be more focused and relaxed. The breathing technique specific to yoga cleans your body and mind.

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Yoga & Surfing

Yoga has proved its efficiency on the body and soul for centuries and is a great complement to surfing. Many pro surfers practice it on a daily basis to improve their concentration, flexibility and physical abilities to paddle longer and surf better. It also helps your muscles recover faster after an intense day of surfing. The aim of our yoga classes is to be very accessible to beginners, and for people already practicing it to focus on the most useful asanas (exercises) for surfers.

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Our yoga classes

There are various types of Yoga, some of them more dynamic and others more focused on relaxation. At Zen Surf Morocco, we practice «Hatha» yoga asanas which make you more efficient, more flexible and improve concentration. The sunrise session will be dedicated to waking up your body and preparing it for a full day of surfing, which can be quite intense for your organism. Preparing your muscles is very helpful and helps to be more fit. The breathing exercices will make your paddle more efficient. The sunset session will be dedicated to relaxing your body and releasing all the tensions after a hard day of surfing, and will help your muscles recover faster to prevent injuries. Practice yoga with us and we guarantee you will spend «zen holidays»!


Each session costs 10€, and you can buy a 5-session pack for 40€.