Apprendre à surfer au Maroc

Our teaching programme

Our accredited surf instructors will guide you through each step of the learning process to optimise your learning curve. Specially designed for beginners and intermediate levels, our surf teaching programme will focus on teaching you the art of surfing a wave safely and in a fun way, taking your level and your experience with the ocean into account. We will do our best to give you one obsession after your trip: coming back!

Family surfing!

Zen Surf is probably the best option in the area for family surfing for several reasons. First of all, our camp located directly on the beach is perfect to spend holidays in relaxing and sporting families and is divided into apartments that can be privatized for an entire family. Then our caring staff will do everything to satisfy your requests. Finally, our instructors have years of experience with children and we have with us the best instructor in the area who has 20 years of experience teaching surfing to village youth as well as visitors. For children under 12 we will allocate a private monitor for obvious safety reasons and for your little ones to enjoy their days on the beach.
With Zen Surf, enjoy a stress-free family surf vacation!

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Learn to surf in Morocco

The area of Taghazout north of Agadir is one of the best places to learn surfing, because it has many spots sheltered from big swells, allowing surfing small waves easy to start and progress safely without dangerous currents. Beginner and intermediate surfers will be guided every day to the best and safest spots according to their level.