Think different? Think Koa surf camp!

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The Koa surf camp in Cantabria

During our trip along the atlantic coast of Europe to meet surf camps and talk with owners, we met many truly great people and saw some very cool places, one of which was the Koa surf camp. We felt a particular connection with them because they had 2 common points with us: they are a new surf camp (opened in 2014) and they try hard to be different to the others by offering a different experience to surf addicts. Not to mention the fact that the people running the camp are just adorable, special thanks to Teresa for her kindness 😉

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Why are they different?

First of all the location: they are located in a distinctive area between Somo and Loredo.
The really easy access to the beach: the path to access the beach through beautiful pine tree woods that quickly fade away to show an exclusive view of a 6-kilometer sand beach. For those who do not know the Somo beach already it is a spectacular encounter.
For their huge garden in the middle of nature, when you can chill out and listen to the birds or have a barbecue in good company.
For the close vicinity of Somo and Loredo, where you will be able to enjoy typical « pinchos » and « tapas » with a well-deserved drink after a long day of surfing: this is the spanish favourite way of socialising and meeting friends!

The camp

Koa offers you all you need to make the most of unforgettable holidays: a surf house with rooms for a maximum of 3 people, surf & SUP courses adapted to every level and to the sea conditions, physiotherapy and massages to keep enjoying the surf every day, surf & SUP rental, bike rental to discover the nearby beaches, pilates and « surfness » courses. And on top of this a friendly staff that will give you all the attention you need!

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What is « surfness »?

You’re probably wondering what « surfness » is? It is a training specially designed for surfers. It is aimed at offering surfers the required exercices to improve their surfing experience. Its puropse is to « make you aware of your body » to improve your control over it and improve your stance, breathing and movements. It will improve your physical condition to make you more « efficient » in the water. On top of the physical part, surfness also helps you work on your concentration and your apneas to give you better feelings while surfing.