Banana Point: the surf spot in front our our surf camp!

Banana Point: the surf spot in front of your camp!

One of the best waves of North Agadir right in front of our surf house

Morocco is the land of firing right-hand point breaks. One of them sits right in front of our surf house, and is a great waves for all abilities.

Surf camp Banana Point

Banana Point: our home surf spot

Our surf camp & Yoga is located on the atlantic coast of the South of Morocco, 10km North of Agadir bay in Tamraght-Aourir village near Taghazout, a village well-known for its delicious tajines and its many banana fields. Our region is also popular for its many high quality surf spots, one of which is actually located… right in front of our surf house! As you may already know, Zen Surf Morocco Surf camp & Yoga has a totally unique location since we are the only surf & yoga camp that is sitting right on the beach  in the whole Agadir – Taghazout region. And that is not all, because one of the best waves in Morocco breaks right in front of our surf camp: Banana Point!

You will be able to check the surfing conditions right front our 180° ocean view balcony while sipping on your morning coffee and mentally preparing for another good day of surfing! Those with a sea view bedroom will be able to check the waves straight from their window.

Surf camp Banana Point

A great quality point break

Banana Point is a “Point break” surf spot, which means that a rocky point will make the wave break and wrap around in a bay. Banana Point delivers waves for surfers from intermediate to advance level and works best from October to April thanks to winter swells. It is a long and easy wave up to 2 meters and is perfect to progress in your surfing: the take-off is quite easy and is longboard-friendly.

Above 2 meters with a Westerly swell, Banana Point turns into a powerful point break with tube sections and offers unforgettable sessions for advanced surfers looking for a less crowded and less competitive alternative to Anchor Point. The atmosphere in the line-up is always quite laid-back, especially if you avoid “peak hours”. Banana is mainly a low-tide surf spot, just like all the other point breaks of the area.

When the swell is too strong, those who won’t dare paddling out can just leave their surfboard at the surf house and climb  the Banana rock to appreciate the show and the surfers’ “ballet” from the cliff that majestically overlooks the surf spot, while enjoying a mint tea and eating delicacies sold by locals on the spot.

Surf camp Banana Point

Right in front of the surf camp

When staying at Zen Surf Morocco there is nothing easier than surfing Banana Point: all you need to do is put on your wetsuit and grab your surfboard (or one of the many quality surfboards available for rent at our surf house) and walk to the beach until you reach the paddle-out area next to the Banana rock, where the bottom is all sandy and the current will help you paddle out in-between sets. Zen Surf Morocco is the only surf & yoga retreat in the whole region where you’ll have the ultimate luxury of being able to go surfing great waves by foot right in front of the surf camp, without needing to rent a car to get to the spots (which also saves money!). Relaxing and no-stress holidays guaranteed!

From April to September the swell goes down and Banana Point takes a well-deserved rest, which will give you a chance to try our other neighbouring beach breaks, or simply go swimming in calm and warm water in front of the sandy part of our beach and lie down in the sun after a day of surfing with our coaches and guides.

Surf Camp Banana Point

Come surf it with us!

Our unique location in front of such a quality surf spot will allow you to do sunrise and sunset surf sessions before and after the main surf session of the day with our surf instructors/guides. Surfing at sunrise and sunset is also a great way to avoid crowds and will guarantee a great surf session with only a few people out (peaks hours being from 10AM to 4PM) which will leave you an empty surf spot to make the most of the last lights of the day and contemplate the glowing sun turning red and disappearing into the ocean.

You got it, our “home spot” is accessible within a very short walk and suitable for surfers of all levels, so don’t wait and book your surf holidays now to spend relaxing and sense-awakening holidays in Morocco 😉