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Where we are and how to get to our Surf Camp & Yoga

Our surf camp is located on the beach side between Aourir and Tamraght, in the North of Agadir.

To get there, the easiest solution is the plane. 2 options there:
– Take a flight to Agadir. From the moment you land, we will take care of the rest by picking you up at the airport. Many big European cities have a direct flight to Agadir (see below) and many low-cost airlines fly there.
– Take a flight to Marrakesh. From Marrakesh you can take an easy 10€ bus ride straight to Agadir, we will pick you up at the bus station. Many airlines fly to Marrakesh from a lot of European cities.

When coming by plane, the only advice we can give is to avoid the local airline Royal Air Maroc as much as you can (flights are often delayed or cancelled with guests having to wait for the next one, luggage systematically lost on connections with guests having to go back to the airport the next day to pick it up, because they do not deliver).

You can also come with your own car by taking a ferry to Tanger from many cities in Mediterranean Europe (Genoa, Sète in France, Barcelona, Tarifa, Algeciras etc…). From Tanger you can take the highway all the way to Agadir, Moroccan highways are in very good condition, safe and cheap.

How to fly to Agadir from Europe

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We tried to make a comprehensive list of cities from which you can fly directly to Agadir, do not hesitate to let us know if we missed something!

Origin city Airlines
London Easyjet, Thomas Cook Airlines
Manchester Monarch, Thomas Cook Airlines
Dublin Aer Lingus
Paris Jetairfly, Easyjet, Transavia, Royal Air Maroc, Air Méditerranée
Marseille Jetairfly, Ryanair
Bordeaux Jetairfly
Toulouse Jetairfly, Air Méditerranée
Lyon Easyjet, Jetairfly, Air Méditerranée
Nantes Jetairfly, Air Méditerranée
Lille Jetairfly, Transavia, Thomas Cook Airlines
Amsterdam Transavia
Vienna Niki
Berlin Easyjet
Munich TUIFly, Condor
Frankfurt TUIFly, Condor
Düsseldorf Germanwings, Ryanair, Condor
Hanover TUIFly, Condor
Bremen Germania
Dresden Germania
Karlsruhe Germania
Liepzig Condor
Zürich Edleweiss Air
Brussels Jetairfly, Brussels Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Ryanair
Liège Thomas Cook Airlines
Charleroi Ryanair
Luxembourg Luxair
Las Palmas TUIFly, Binter Canarias
Prague Smartwings, Holidays Czech Airlines
Moscow Utair
Warsaw Enter Air
Katowice Enter Air
Talinn SmartLynx