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You may currently have that excited feeling that arises in the planning stages of your holiday/adventure. You’ve definitely asked yourself what area of the world you would like to see, what style of accommodation you’re interested in and which activities you want to fill your days with. As a staff member here at Zen Surf Morocco I can tell you I asked myself all those questions while choosing where I would like to work over this winter season. I also had that excited feeling during the researching and planning of my work adventure, day dreaming about places I had seen in photos of this far away and magical place called Morocco. My decision to live and work in the Taghazout Bay was based on the great proximity to many surf breaks and the broad cultural experience available.


Preparing for your surf adventure

A few weeks into my first surf season at Zen Surf Morocco and I am grateful that I followed my intuition to arrive at this special surf camp directly on the beach (which I now know is unique to the area.) The sun, sand, waves and natural beauty have all been exceptional but what is making this experience unique is how wildly kind and friendly every person I’ve met is. The daily routine here at the camp is something that brings us all together no matter our country of origin, our age, career background or surf skill level. Everyday we gather on the rooftop terrace for morning yoga with a view of the ocean and the sun rising over the mountains and banana fields, when we’ve found our zen we head to the long dining table to eat breakfast together. After we’ve fueled up we excitedly get our wetsuits, pile into the surf vans and adventure to the beach. We take our surf lessons as a team enjoying the laid back but helpful attitudes of our instructors and we spend our afternoons surfing and sharing high fives over the victories of our campmates on their surfboards. We eat our lunch on the beach enjoying the sun, sand and crashing waves of the water beside us. By the time dinner rolls around it doesn’t feel like you are in a surf camp at all, it feels like you are sitting at the table with your family.

Learning the sport of surfing with new friends

In the three weeks I’ve been here the faces have changed but there is a common balance remaining and that is the positive attitudes and excited energy of our visitors. What a pleasure it is to spend my time with people that have traveled to really live and enjoy their days in this wonderful place.Whether you are visiting Zen Surf Morocco on Banana Beach for one week or one month, be prepared to meet some of the most amazing people you could ever find.
I’m thrilled to welcome you over this surf season!

Your Zen Surf Morocco Host,